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  1. Hydra, also called the Lernean Hydra, in Greek legend, the offspring of Typhon and Echidna (according to the early Greek poet Hesiod ’s Theogony), a gigantic water-snake-like monster with nine heads (the number varies), one of which was immortal.
  2. Hydra, genus of invertebrate freshwater animals of the class Hydrozoa (phylum Cnidaria). The body of such an organism consists of a thin, usually translucent tube that measures up to about 30 millimetres ( inches) long but is capable of great contraction.
  3. HYDRA is an authoritarian paramilitary-subversive organization bent on world domination. It was founded in ancient times, formerly as a cult centered around the fanatical worship of Hive, a powerful Inhuman that was exiled to the planet Maveth by ancient festkrasamexatne.siconletzlenganetarambeattmidnolor.cor: Hive † Johann Schmidt (World War II sect).
  4. The Lernaean Hydra or Hydra of Lerna (Greek: Λερναῖα Ὕδρα, Lernaîa Hýdra), more often known simply as the Hydra, is a serpentine water monster in Greek and Roman mythology. Its lair was the lake of Lerna in the Argolid, which was also the site of the myth of the Danaïfestkrasamexatne.siconletzlenganetarambeattmidnolor.coy: Greece.
  5. Hydra allows you to play music from a wide range of platform including YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud and more!
  6. Astronomy. Hydra (constellation) Hydra (moon), a satellite of Pluto Computing. Hydra (chess), a chess computer Hydra (digital repository) Hydra (operating system) Hydra (software) Hydra , a multi-GPU hardware solution; HYDRA Game Development Kit, a development system by André LaMothe; Razer Hydra, a game controller; NEC HYDRAstor, a storage system; Fictional entities.
  7. Торговая площадка Hydra – это крупнейший интернет-магазин, где торгуют несколько тысяч магазинов, представляя в своих каталогах товары и услуги, за которые можно получить реальный срок, делая это открыто.
  8. Get a full body workout at home with Hydrow, the immersive at-home rowing machine with live and on-demand Athlete-led workouts.
  9. any freshwater polyp of the genus Hydra and related genera, having a cylindrical body with a ring of tentacles surrounding the mouth, and usually living attached to rocks, plants, etc., but also capable of detaching and floating in the water. a persistent or many-sided problem that presents new obstacles as soon as one aspect is solved.

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